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NYSDOT Airport Business Planning Agreements

Various Airport Locations, Statewide, NY | NYSDOT
NYSDOT Airport Business Planning Materials NYSDOT Airport Business Planning Materials
Canandaigua Airport Business Plan
Griffiss International Airport Business Plan

McFarland Johnson has provided aviation business planning services, as a prime consultant designated by NYSDOT, under two consecutive three-year term agreements. Under these agreements, MJ has prepared business plans for 23 airports including Griffiss International, Schenectady County, Watertown International, Hamilton Municipal, Plattsburgh International, Canandaigua, and other similar airports. The services provided for these business plans includes the preparation of development plans; evaluation of airport business practices; interviews and surveys of airport sponsors, FBOs, tenants and users; the analysis of existing facilities and services; preparation of a market analysis and financial outlook; and identification of revenue enhancement opportunities. Each airport business plan culminates in a comprehensive document identifying key recommendations to enhance the operational and economic performance of the airport. Additionally, executive summaries, marketing brochures and community presentations are provided for each of these airports.

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