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Elmira Corning Regional Airport Runway 6-24 Rehabilitation

Elmira Corning Regional Airport, Horseheads, NY |Chemung
Elmira Corning Regional Airport Runway Rehabilitation Elmira Corning Regional Airport Runway Rehabilitation
Elmira Corning Regional Airport Runway Construction
Elmira Corning Regional Airport Runway Rehabilitation

Chemung County's Elmira Corning Regional Airport (ELM) and McFarland Johnson have a relationship that spans nearly forty years. When faced with the challenge of needing to not only rehabilitate the pavements on the main runway at ELM, but to also excavate and install a new runway centerline lighting system, the County entrusted MJ to provide both design and construction administration services for this important assignment. That was the easy part. Now, how do you go about rehabilitating the pavements, installing in-pavement lights, as well as all of the infrastructure necessary to service the installations, and still keep the general aviation, corporate and commercials service users at the airport flying? It all starts with communication.

In order to assess the impacts that any construction phasing program will have on an airport, the users need to be included from the onset. During the design process for this project the airport tenants and users were invited to meetings and presented with various construction phasing scenarios that would accommodate the completion of the work, were provided with the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario, and were provided with an open forum to discuss how they would individually be impacted by each. The final construction phasing scenario, developed in conjunction with the users, included a partial displaced threshold on the main runway, followed by a short-term closure of the runway full length, and included overnight closures of the intersection with the crosswind runway. Due to this advanced planning, all users were provided with adequate time to adjust flight schedules, reduce load factors or provide alternative aircraft capable of operating on the shorter crosswind runway as necessary. Each choosing their own solutions to the temporarily reduced airfield capabilities.

Even though the project was bid in a period of unprecedented volatility in the price of oil and asphalt, MJ was able to bring in the project bids within 5% of the Engineer's estimate. Through careful planning and attention to detail, the completed project price fell within 1% of the original bid price, as well. The lines of communication established early on in the design process were maintained throughout the construction phase and the project was brought to a successful conclusion, on time, within budget, and with no user complaints received during this difficult construction program. The designers at MJ know that each project requires tailoring to each individual airport's specific needs, and will never subject our clients to a "one size fits all" program for their projects.

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