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Marcy, NY | New York State Office of General Services
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McFarland Johnson provided design of electrical and plumbing systems for a new central warehouse and dispensing pharmacy at Marcy Correctional Facility that services the Central New York correctional facilities and other state healthcare entities. This 59,000 square foot building includes an area for an automated state-of-the-art drug dispensing system, a warehouse storage area, and approximately 7,000 square feet of supporting office space. The building is a steel frame structure with pre-cast concrete plank walls. The pharmaceutical handling facility complies with strict environmental storage and security regulations. In addition, the building received a USGBC LEED Certified Gold rating, for the design emphasis on energy efficiency, indoor air quality and environmentally-responsible design.

For the electrical portion of this project, MJ conducted an analysis of power sources from three different locations, as well as an analysis of emergency power sources. Construction documents were prepared for secondary power distribution, the lighting system, fire alarms, telecommunications, parking and roadway lighting, lightning protection, and the electrical system interface with the building energy management system. Sustainable electrical elements included a rooftop photovoltaic solar energy system that will reduce the amount of energy the facility needs to purchase from the utility, lighting controls that turn off lights in spaces not in use, and exterior light fixtures that are dark sky compliant. Specialized lighting controls were also used in the warehouse to control aisle way lighting.

Plumbing design involved fixtures and equipment, as well as piping for waste and vent, domestic water, gas and storm water, in accordance with the Building and Plumbing codes of New York State. Sustainable plumbing elements included: low flow plumbing fixtures for a 43% reduction in water consumption, as well as a solar domestic water heating system utilizing evacuated tube roof-mounted solar collectors, heat exchangers, pumps and controls.

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