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Comstock Historic Covered Bridge Study & Rehabilitation

Comstock Covered Bridge, East Hampton, CT | ConnDOT
Comstock Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Comstock Covered Bridge Rehabilitation
Comstock Covered Bridge Rehabilitation
Comstock Covered Bridge

awardReceived the 2013 American Council of Engineering Companies of Connecticut's Engineering Excellence Award.

The Comstock Covered Bridge project consists of the evaluation of a two span timber bridge. The main span is a 90' covered Howe Truss, constructed in 1873 and rehabilitated in the 1930's, 1970's and 1990's. The approach span is a 30' Pony truss structure constructed in 1791. The bridge was studied to determine the cause of negative camber, provide recommendations for repairs to panel point connections, investigate and mitigate insect damage and recommend repairs to damaged truss members. The work includes inspection of the bridge, determination of timber species, inspection report preparation, evaluation of insect damage, structural analysis and design, historical investigations, development of repair recommendations and details, presentation to ConnDOT and preparation of a final report. The structural analysis includes snow load variations due to the roof type and timber material properties assessments. Construction plans are being developed based on the final report recommendations. McFarland Johnson will also provide Construction Administration services for this project, and has already completed the design of emergency shoring at the project site.

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