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Environmental Services

Our environmental professionals have wide ranging expertise to address environmental issues on projects. Our experience includes general ecology, threatened and endangered species, hydrology, noise, water quality, air quality, permitting, and wetland and habitat mitigation, and many others. From routine permit applications to the rare species studies, our environmental professionals have the multi-disciplinary skill necessary to ensure that your projects progress smoothly.

Recent projects that have involved a significant environmental effort include:

Mississquoi Softshell Turtle Hale Eddy Route 17 Middlebury Rail Spur Elmira Corning Regional Airport Parksville Route 17

Typical environmental-related services performed by MJ include:

In addition to the services referenced above, our environmentalists have extensive experience in studies related to ecology, air and water quality, and socioeconomic impacts. MJ staff also regularly perform regulatory reviews for development projects, permit applications, site selection/evaluation, feasibility studies, financial forecasts, environmental audits, planning and land use studies, and impact mitigation. Our professionals are also experienced in working with government agencies and providing public outreach in order to obtain public and regulatory agency acceptance required to obtain approval for a proposed project. Our philosophy is to always provide quality analyses, anticipate potential problems, consider public concerns, and develop the most effective, environmentally-compliant case for our clients.

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