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Concord Roundabout Design

Concord, NH | City of Concord
Concord Roundabout Design Concord Roundabout Design
Concord Roundabout Design
Concord Roundabout Design Before

The project involved the evaluation, development, and implementation of a new roundabout at the intersection of Centre, Liberty and Auburn Streets. The existing intersection was a five-leg intersection with stop control on four of its legs. The existing geometry and function of the intersection resulted in a high crash rate. The first phase of the project involved evaluating several potential configurations to improve the intersection including five-leg stop controlled, four-leg stop controlled, four-leg signal controlled, and four and five-leg roundabouts. The selected option was a four-leg roundabout configuration between Centre and Liberty Streets with Auburn Street terminating at Liberty Street. MJ was responsible for progressing the selected option into final design and preparing construction documents. The final design included roadway design, signage, striping, drainage and landscaping.

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