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While MJ's expertise has continued to expand over the last six decades, our roots remain in the engineering design of successful highway and roadway projects. Our professionals are adept in designing transportation projects of ranging complexities, including rural and urban highways, interstates, turnpikes, local roads and streets, and signalized intersections. Our staff have considerable expertise in the areas of traffic engineering, streetscape enhancements, drainage design, traffic signal and street lighting design, pedestrian and bicycle facility design, and environmental assessments. We are also thoroughly familiar with Federal Highway Administration requirements, state DOT standards and local procedures and are skilled in providing logically planned designs and alternatives that are designed to maximize funding dollars and gain public acceptance.

Recent highway and roadway projects include:

Meredith Corridor Transportation Improvements Rt 17 Interstate 81 Interchange Before Concord Roundabout Design Interstate 90 Pavement Rehabiltation NYS Route 17 Reconstruction Hale Eddy

At McFarland Johnson, we know that transportation projects entail more than simply designing new highways or restoring existing pavement, utilities, drainage, and sidewalks. Our designs strive to increase safety and functionality, improve connectivity, increase accessibility, improve traffic flow, provide aesthetic improvements, minimize environmental impacts, and enhance the quality of life of a particular area. We incorporate concepts of context sensitive solutions and placemaking in accordance with the project sponsor and stakeholder objectives. This includes involving the public and stakeholders from the project's onset, so that community, environmental and transportation Example of Visual Simulations used in Public Participation Meetingscontext and needs are all considered and positive features of an area can be played upon to create public spaces that attract people. Often, our visualization capabilities are brought into this process to enhance understanding and generate more meaningful dialog (see example). This may be done in coordination with other area/community revitalizations efforts, in order to promote community pride and increase economic investment.

Other roadway-related services that MJ provides include:

  • Traffic Impact & Access Studies
  • Signalized Intersections
  • Modern Roundabout Design
  • Traffic Calming Strategies
  • Interstate Highway Design
  • Pavement Management Systems
  • Feasibility & Cost Studies
  • Stormwater Management
  • Maintenance of Traffic (Construction)
  • Local & Urban Street Design
  • Bike Paths & Multi-Use Trails
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Landscape Design
  • Rural Roadway Design
  • Environmental Permitting
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