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White Park Restoration Project

White Park, Concord, NH | City of Concord
Concord White Park Restoration Accelerated Bridge Construction
White Park Parking Lot Restoration
Concord White Park Restoration

LEED Gold RatingProject received the 2010 ACEC New Hampshire "Engineering Excellence Award" for the "Environmental" category.

This project involved site/civil planning and engineering design services for the pre-existing, City-owned, historic White Park. The project tasks included preparing several planning options, review and presentation of comments from various groups, including City staff and neighborhood residents. The design tasks included providing improvements to an existing athletic field, athletic field irrigation, a porous pavement parking lot, walkways, site lighting, athletic field fencing, a new access roadway, an outdoor hockey/multi-purpose rink, and landscape plantings. A critical project element related to the historic nature of the park and as such Department of Historic Resources was an important review agency.

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