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Water Storage Tank Design

Uncasville, CT |Mohegan Tribe of Indians of CT
Mohegan Water Storage Tank Mohegan Water Storage Tank
Water Storage Tank Steel Framework
Mohegan Water Storage Tank

A 2.1 million gallon per day water storage tank was designed by MJ to service a facility expansion project and to replace the pre-existing 300,000 gallon tank. A study was conducted to evaluate the appropriate size, location and tank material type for this application. The existing and proposed water transmission and distribution system was modeled to assess system component sizing and response during peak periods of water consumption and under peak fire flow conditions. A buried cast-in-place concrete tank, a pre-stressed, pre-cast water storage tank, and a glass-fused-to-steel tank were evaluated from the perspective of capital and long-term maintenance costs. Based upon the requirement to provide a tank that was not visibly obtrusive, a forest green glass-fused-to-steel tank was selected as the most appropriate to fit the needs of the client. The tank is the largest of its kind in New England.

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