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McFarland Johnson's staff includes CPESC certified and LEED AP accredited hydrologists, biologists, wetland specialists, and water quality specialists. Our skilled professionals can identify, analyze, and design effective and innovative options for any water resources-related assignment. Our corporate resume includes the design of numerous post-construction Stormwater Management Practices including: stormwater ponds, underground detention/retention facilities, bio-swales, infiltration practices, and bioretention areas. Our staff is committed to the Low Impact Development (LID) approach to effective stormwater management strategies. Along with stormwater management and design projects, McFarland Johnson's extensive experience includes hundreds of FEMA studies, bridge backwater studies, NPDES permitting projects, and Phase I/II dam studies. McFarland Johnson's competitive advantages are clear in our innovative approach to stormwater solutions, commitment to using the best software products available in the industry, and our dedication to maintaining a high level of service in this competitive marketplace.

McFarland Johnson's water resource specialists provide comprehensive engineering and consulting services for all aspects of permitting and compliance, as well as support design services for other disciplines. Additional related services provided by MJ:

  • Bridge Backwater Studies
  • River Mechanics
  • Bridge Scour Analysis & Countermeasure Design
  • FEMA Flood Studies
  • Geomorphology Studies
  • Roadway Drainage
  • NPDES Compliance
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • GIS Watershed Modeling
  • Active Treatment System Design
  • Channel Stability Analysis and Design
  • Storm Drainage Analysis & Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Dam Safety Studies
  • Culvert Hydraulics
  • Stream Bank Stabilization

At McFarland Johnson, we possess the comprehensive technical expertise and grant writing experience necessary to maximize available funding towards the implementation of needed stormwater management plans. We can provide a full range of services related to the EPA's NPDES permit including stormwater quantity and quality control, advanced design to meet turbidity limitations, erosion and sediment control plan development, water quality assessment and monitoring, and permit assistance. Our staff of specialists is here to help you meet stormwater regulations efficiently and cost-effectively.

MJ's environmentalists and engineers also perform:

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