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McFarland Johnson's structural design staff offers a broad range of structural, foundation and forensic engineering services for the historic preservation, renovation and restoration of existing buildings, as well as for new construction. MJ's structural staff is committed to providing high-quality, technically-astute structural engineering, while providing the best possible client service. Our goal is to provide sound structural building/facility designs in keeping with client budgets and the general availability of materials and erection methods in a given geographical area. We present design alternatives that address, not only the initial construction costs, but also the future maintenance requirements of the structure.

McFarland Johnson is among the leading firms in the United States providing structural engineering designs for alternative energy installations such as solar power, wind power, and biomass. MJ is committed to building "greener" facilities. As such, many of our current projects are being designed to LEED standards. Some typical "green" considerations have included: recycling construction waste; adaptive reuse of existing structures; minimization of embodied energy; utilization of low-emitting materials; minimization of environmental impact on resources; and incorporation of recycled materials into the design.

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