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McFarland Johnson provides a full range of traffic engineering services including traffic impact studies, traffic control and capacity analysis with a context sensitive approach to design, and application of the latest ITS technologies. Our staff of traffic engineers has extensive experience, from small-scale traffic impact studies, to major regional traffic needs assessment. We are experienced in the analysis and design of small isolated intersections, extensive networks of coordinated signals, the design of increasingly popular roundabouts, bicycle and pedestrian trails, traffic control sign and pavement marking layouts, and traffic calming measures.

Our staff prides itself in keeping abreast of the latest technologies and designs through educational resources such as the organizations of ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers), ITS (Intelligent Transportation Societies), and TRB (Transportation Research Board), as well as various state Departments of Transportation.

Traffic engineering-related services provided by McFarland Johnson include:

  • Accident/Safety Analysis
  • Arterial Analysis
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Congestion Management
  • Construction Traffic Control Design
  • Corridor Access Management Strategies
  • Design Visualization Simulations
  • ITS Technologies and Applications
  • Single Point Urban Interchange Design
  • Signal Warrant Analysis
  • Traffic Calming Strategies
  • Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings
  • Travel Demand Management
  • Travel-Speed and Delay Studies
  • Trip Generation/Distribution Studies
  • Emergency Vehicle Preemption System Design
  • Alternative Intersection Designs
  • ADA Compliant Pedestrian Signal Design
  • Modern Roundabout Design and Analysis
  • Origin / Destination Studies
  • Parking Analysis and Design
  • Pedestrian / Bicycle Facilities
  • Queuing Studies
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Roadside Safety Improvement Design
  • Traffic Data Collection and Processing
  • Traffic Impact and Access Studies
  • Traffic Modeling/Simulation
  • Traffic Signal System Design
  • Transportation System Management
  • Traffic Control Inventory using GPS
  • Guide Sign Design
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