Technology Overview

MJ utilizes new technology to streamline the project process and ensure efficient, cost-effective communication and project deliverables. We take pride in being an industry innovator, developing advanced technological solutions and utilizing cutting-edge technology in the workplace, including the successful application of the newest advances in project management and project delivery. Understanding that innovation is critical to ensuring success for our clients and our business, this is an inherent quality in the culture of our company, and it drives maximized value for our clients.

One example that demonstrates our application of innovation to maximize value for our clients is MJ’s development of the proprietary Dynamic Analysis Tool (DAT). The DAT is a robust and flexible online tool, developed during the airport planning process, which analyzes future airport scenarios using basic user inputs, providing an airport sponsor with the ability to consider how changes in air traffic, cost structure, or even change in airport mission would impact future development and financial outcomes. This allows for consideration of both likely and unforeseen scenarios and enables adjustments to airport plans for terminal development, cost structure, and space allocation to incorporate these inputs and scenarios. The growing popularity of MJ’s dynamic master plans is a strong indication that our clients value the usefulness the DAT delivers well into the future in this ever-changing industry.

MJ also offers state-of-the-art modeling and visioning capabilities. Our professionals and UAV (drone) videographers utilize cutting-edge modeling software and techniques to generate ultra-realistic simulation models and visualizations to depict potential solutions and alternatives, providing an unmatched level of project understanding for our clients, stakeholders and the general public.

Software Development

MJ develops custom software designed specifically for our individual client needs. Our development team is skilled and certified in the latest software development methodologies. We host web-based applications on our Enterprise Java Application Servers. Using a combination of open-source database and development tools, we produce high quality responsive and mobile friendly solutions.

MJ's custom software solutions are integrated with a variety of 3rd party tools and products. Our 3D visualization applications as well our dynamic ALPs use GIS driven data in conjunction with web UI frameworks to create stunningly accurate and useful representations of real world scenarios.