UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

MJ's UAV Team offers state-of-the-art, highly-detailed, and precise data and image collection capabilities that include:

  • High-quality, Professionally-Edited 4K Project Photos and Videos for Marketing and PR Purposes
  • Visual Inspections and Documentation of Hard-to-Reach Structures, such as Towers and Bridges, or Vast Site Expanses
  • Thermal Imaging for Project Inspection (Building Exteriors, Rooftops, HVAC, Wetlands, etc.)
  • Photogrammetry Capabilities for Preliminary Survey Data
  • 3D Point Cloud and Mesh Creation for Use in Modeling and Visualization
  • Calculations for Cut-and-Fill Volume Quantities
  • Up-to-Date Orthomosaic Image Creation in High Detail
  • Fast and Accurate Pavement Inspections