Sea Street
Complete Street Reconstruction

Barnstable, MA

1.0 MI
In Length
Project Value

Provides Complete Street to Enhance Access to the Town Beach for All Users

Sea Street is the main corridor that leads from downtown Hyannis to Keyes Memorial Beach. Using a robust public outreach program, MJ developed plans for a modern “complete street,” including a normal width sidewalk on one side with a shared use path on the other, all within a narrow right-of-way. The roadway improvements included new ornamental LED streetlights that mimic 19th century lighting fixtures, as well as new traffic signals and two pedestrian crossings that incorporated RRFBs (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons) to improve safety. MJ created a design that utilized underground detention infrastructure while replacing the water and sewer lines and with the many utilities located within the roadway, conflicts were unavoidable. Consequently, MJ worked closely with Barnstable’s staff to identify relocation solutions that worked for both the project and the long term maintenance needs of the Town.

Since the existing right-of-way width was very tight, MJ worked very closely with the many residents located along the corridor to provide the improvements without severely compromising the existing landscaping features located within their front yards. Where impacts were unavoidable, the MJ Team worked with those property owners to provide new landscaping that fits within the context of not only the roadway improvements, but the existing neighborhoods.