Interstate 93 System Improvements

Bow-Concord, NH

4.5 MI
of Interstate Highway
Highway Interchanges
Red List Bridges

Providing Alternatives to Improve Safety and Efficiency Along a Busy Interstate Corridor


Interstate 93 was constructed through New Hampshire's capital prior to 1960. Even though some modifications have been made over the years, the traffic volumes have increased to the point that substantial improvements are now needed.


This multi-phase project consisted of a Part A – System Planning Study and a subsequent Part B – NEPA and Preliminary Design. After initially identifying a number of broad alternatives in Part A, MJ has carried these forward to Part B by developing various detailed alternatives to address traffic and safety concerns. Part B includes preliminary engineering and the development of an Environmental Assessment (EA) document.

This large-scale, $250 million project includes extensive reconfiguration of 6 interchanges to handle the increased traffic volumes that have tripled since its original construction. As part of this project, MJ is completing the roadway, bridge, and environmental work, along with an extensive public outreach program.

As part of this process, MJ directed a dynamic and comprehensive public participation program that included a project website, community meetings, public official's meetings, and large scale public meetings. The project will result in a highway that accommodates more vehicles, will alleviate congestion, and will better serve the needs of the travelling public.